Welcome to the

Resilience Revolution 2204 Give Back Tour

Greetings students, teachers, families, and administration.

Welcome to the fun and easy way to win a free presentation from Mister Motivation.

Let’s get pumped and motivated and earn some free money for your school with this entertaining, fundraising, opportunity.

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A custom Mister Motivation presentation addressing your school’s current needs.

  • Is there an opportunity among your student body to enhance confidence, empathy, and personal growth?
  • Mister Motivation will create a dynamic presentation for your school, bringing positivity, high energy and a memorable motivational message.

A chance to raise money through a “motivational fundraiser”!

  • Your school will receive every piece of Mister Motivation Merchandise sold by your school, on or surrounding the presentation, your school will receive 50% of the proceeds.
    • Motivational Journals
    • Mindset T Shirts
    • MM Hats
    • And more…

This is how we give back on the give back tour!


Participating in the Resilience Revolution 2024 Give Back Tour is easy! Just follow these simple steps

  • Scroll down and complete the entry form for your school.
  • Submit a motivating video explaining “why your school should win.”
  • Connect with Mister Motivation on social media platforms (optional, but recommended for updates and inspiration).
  • Share the campaign with other schools and educators to increase your chances of winning. Together, let’s spread the message of resilience and empowerment!

Lead the Resilience Revolution

Submit the form below to apply!

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Lights, camera, action! It's time to show us why your school deserves to win the Resilience Revolution tour with Mister Motivation!

Gather your students, teachers, and parents to create a video that captures the spirit and energy of your school community.

Share your stories, struggles, and aspirations, and explain why hosting Mister Motivation would make a difference in your lives.

Let your creativity shine as you showcase why your school should be the next stop on the tour and have the chance to raise funds while inspiring greatness!

About Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy’s journey from academic setbacks and a disorienting Army transition to becoming a recognized veteran advocate and successful entrepreneur epitomizes resilience. Michelle Obama commended his efforts. With a Masters in Education, Shaun inspires through speeches and innovative curriculums like “Wake The Beast.” He’s not just a speaker; he’s a MOTIVATIONAL EDU~TAINER, empowering others to overcome adversity. Shaun Murphy, Army Veteran, Advocate, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker – a testament to perseverance.


How many schools will win a presentation?

Three Schools will win a presentation.

What if we don’t win a spot on the tour, can MM still come to our school?

Absolutely, YES!

All participating schools in this competition will get a 20% discount on the 2024 Resilience Revolution tour plus our regular fundraising opportunities.

What does it cost to have Mister Motivation come to my school without the contest?

Please submit a request under booking.

What schools can qualify, where is the tour?

Centra PA.

Got more questions?

Email: [email protected] Mister Motivation is happy to meet with your school’s administrator to help create a custom presentation to help guide your school to winning a free spot on the 2024 Resilience tour.